Welcome to Mrs Oorloff Clinic. Natural, non-invasive, reconditioning treatments alongside re-education & expert advice to our clients, in a professional environment, is what we have to offer you. A team of 4 mature practitioners with concerns similar to yours is at your service.

We have 75 years of varied experience between us. Combining Nationally & Internationally qualifications & life challenges we can listen, treat and advise on treatment(s) and home care regime programme designed specifically for you. 

Mrs Oorloff

Michelle-newHaving enjoyed a wonderful & varied 30 year career my observation was to provide clients a middle ground between Spa treatments & Invasive procedures.

We have a myriad of technolgies and products at our finger tips which can improve the condition of your skin and body shape; the Therapist is equally if not as important as the treatments they perform.  My next aim was to find Therapists  that could think for themselves that is not to be led by manufactures protocols but have the knowledge and expertise to deal with all skin conditions and body shape. The latter of my 2 aims was the hardest, slowly but surely I now have 3 wonderful ladies that each bring to the clinic their expertise and above all their thirst of knowledge to understand and know more.  Each client has an individual programme designed specifically for them ensuring they look their best for where they are today; if in the future they decide surgery is for them then they will recover speedily compared to those that haven’t had the wonderful re conditioning treatments we provide.

Michelle qualified in Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology both in the U.K. and internationally in 1988, gaining certification with *CIDESCO, CIBTAC, ITEC, LICG, BABTAC.  Michelle gained her City & Guilds teachers certificate and later a degree in Education Cert Ed (University of Bedfordshire) teaching from L2 through to International recognised qualifications.

Michelle practices Tuesday evenings &  alternate Fridays.


Shannon-newExperience, passionate & an enthusiasm for my chosen vocation gaining NVQ level 2 & 3 allows our clients to experience brilliant results. Shannon dedication to our advanced technologies particularly CACI (muscle stimulation) adapting moves for each client has literally transformed our clientèle. Combination of using the Endermogym and advice from Shannon keen interest in exercise and nutrition will improve your shape ready for any occasion.

“The most rewarding part of my day is to witness the phenomenal results I achieve with our clients, combined with working alongside an amazing experienced team, delivering results at this level is simply a dream come true”

Shannon enjoys Gym fitness constantly stretching her abilities, Singing lessons, socialising with friends and generally enjoying life to the full.

Shannon practices 5 days a week.


Hannah-newMy varied industry experience has given me a real passion and enthusiasm for achieving fabulous results with your skin. The knowledge that Lauren has obtained during her own  journey allows her to take clients on their journey with a myriad of expertise and advice for your treatments, home care, and education restoring your skin to a healthy natural glow.

Lauren practices 5 days a week

  • Qualifications

    • Cert Ed – Degree from Bedfordshire University in Education
    • CIDESCO Cosmetie International d’esthetique et de Cosmetologie
    • CIBTAC Confederation OF International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology Diploma
    • ITEC International Therapy Educational Council
    • LICG London Institute of City & Guilds
    • BABTAC Beauty Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology Limited
    • IIHHT International Institute of Health & Holistic Therapies
    • IIAA International Institute of Anti Aging



  • About Mrs Oorloff Clinic

    Welcome to Mrs Oorloff Clinic. Based in Witney, Oxford, we provide a range of natural, non-invasive, reconditioning treatments to our clients.

    Alongside our treatments, which are delivered within a professional and comfortable environment, we believe in working with our clients on a one to one basis to offer expert advice and re-education to support any treatment programmes and enable goals to be achieved.

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