Acne can be a stressful skin condition to deal with. Here at Mrs Oorloff Clinic, we’ve worked with clients to treat all kinds of different acne problems.

What is Acne?

Normal skin
In normal skin types, small sebaceous glands lie just under the skin surface. These glands make the oil (sebum) that keeps the skin supple and smooth. Tiny pores (holes) in the skin allow the sebum to come on to the skin surface.

Acne Skin
In acne prone skin, the sebaceous gland is stimulated by hormones, in particular testosterone. This results in excess oil (sebum) being produced. The excess oil along with a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin results in the pores becoming clogged. You can see the clogged pore that blocks the top of the pores as tiny spots known as comedones (blackheads and whiteheads).

Sebum collects under the blocked pore and creates small spots called pimples or papules. Trapped sebum is ideal for bacteria to grow. This then creates infection under the skin and the spots become larger and filled with pus (pustules).

Each inflamed spot will heal eventually. In some cases, the area of skin that was inflamed remains discoloured for several months after the inflammation has gone (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). Also, a small pitted scar is commonly left on the skin where there was an inflamed spot, which is called acne scarring. Acne is a complex combination of changing hormones, sebum, overgrowth of bacteria and inflammation.

  • What causes Acne?

    The main cause of acne is linked to hormones. When hormones are over stimulated they produce excess sebum, which starts the effects of acne on the skin.

    Teenage acne is thought to be triggered by increased levels of a hormone called testosterone, which occurs during puberty. The sebaceous glands are particularly sensitive to hormones. It is thought that increased levels of testosterone cause the glands to produce much more sebum than the skin needs.

    Acne in women
    More than 80% of cases of adult acne occur in women. It is thought that many cases of adult acne are caused by the changes in hormone levels that many women have at certain times.

    These times include:

    • Periods – some women have a flare-up of acne just before their period (jaw / chin area)
    • Pregnancy – many women have symptoms of acne in pregnancy, usually during the first three months)
    • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – a common condition that can cause acne
    • Menopause
    • Acne in families

Acne conditions we treat at Mrs Oorloff Clinic

We treat a range of acne conditions within the clinic, and will provide a thorough consultation to understand the problem so we can propose the best treatment plan.

Conditions we treat include:

  • Adult acne
  • Teenage acne
  • Hormonal acne
  • Back acne
  • Severe acne
  • Acne scarring
  • Acne rosacea

Acne Treatments

The good news is that acne is common, and usually treatable. Here at Mrs Oorfloff Clinic we have achieved results with clearing acne using a combination specialised extraction techniques, advanced treatments and prescription home care.

Treatment stages to treat acne:

  • Facials

    A Facial Skin treatment will be the first stage that will steam clean, extract clogged pores, blackheads and acne. Results include a clearer, smoother complexion.

    Facial treatments are followed with a prescription home care regime to prepare the skin for following treatments. Find out more about our facial treatments.

  • Skin peels

    A special blend of Vitamin A and mild natural acids including salicylic work to decongest the skin and reduce visible breakouts for a smoother, clearer complexion. Find out more about our skin peels.

  • Dermaroller

    This is an effective treatment for acne scarring to refine the skin’s texture and smooth out indented scars by rebuilding new collagen. Find out more about our Dermaroller treatment.

  • Home care regime

    It is important to maintain a regular home care regime for your skin to support the treatment. Our prescription will include,

    1. Skin cleaning; removes the excess oils from the skin using a PH balance cleanser ie Dermaclear cleaner.
    2. Exfoliation; removes surface dead skin cells that have built up and prevents the skin becoming clogged.
    3. Hydrate and repair your skin; maintaining a balanced diet is key. Hydrated skin is healthy. skin and a healthy skin will help with the wound healing process and avoid acne scarring.
    4. Always protect the skin with a sun protection factor.

Other contributors

  • The progestogen-only contraceptive pill may make acne worse.
  • Thick or greasy make-up affect acne. Ideally use mineral makeup which is Non- comedogenic / oil-free. Youngblood Mineral makeup is our preference; we offer a free colour match service in clinic.
  • Picking and squeezing the spots may cause further inflammation and acne scarring.
  • Some medicines can make acne worse. An alternative medicine may be an option.
  • Research suggests that diets high in sugar and milk products may make acne worse.

Acne Myths!

  • Acne is not caused by poor hygiene. In fact, excessive washing may make it worse.
  • Acne is not just a simple skin infection. The cause is a complex combination of changing hormones, sebum, overgrowth of bacteria and inflammation.
  • Acne cannot be cured by drinking lots of water.
  • There is no evidence to say that sunbathing or sunbeds will help to clear acne.
  • Some people believe that acne cannot be helped by medical treatment. This is not true.
  • Treatments usually work well if used correctly.

Preventing Acne

The majority cause of acne is hormones and the start of excess sebum within the skin. The best treatments inhibit sebum production, limit bacterial growth or encourage shedding of skin cells to unclog pores. Acne is associated with inflammation in the body; redness and swelling of the skin so when trying to help acne from the inside out look at an ‘Anti-inflammatory’ diet.

Following a healthy, clean approach to your diet along with a good skin care regime and an acne treatment plan in place, you are tackling your acne in every approach for the best result.

What our clients say

“Nice to see you too. My skin is fine thanks – it feels really smooth and all the spots you zapped are clearing up nicely – even the crater!”


“Good Morning Miracle Worker!
Those offensive little pimples just shrivelled up and retreated under my dermis. Very satisfying.
Thank you”

Find Out More

For a personalised consultation about acne and the best form of treatment for you please contact us or alternatively pop in with your enquiry and speak with our experienced team Michelle, Shannon, Lauren

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