We all aim to have a bright, healthy and even complexion. Suffering from dull skin is a common concern and very easily treated. Lifestyle, diet and your daily skin routine can have a big influence in how your skin is feeling and in achieving its best.

Easy tips for brighter skin:

Follow our simple tips to help avoid dull skin:

  • Exfoliate your skin regularly to remove surface dead skin cells. Excess dead skin build up can leave your skin looking dull. However using the incorrect exfoliate or exfoliating too often can be damaging for your skin. We recommend exfoliating twice a week with DermaQuest Glycolic cleanser. A must have for skin brightening.
  • Keep your skin hydrated and healthy by drinking plenty of water daily. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and the last to receive the hydration from the water we drink, a great way to top up your skin’s hydration is using a topical hydration serum daily. Our clients love DermaQuest hydrating b5 serum for an overall healthy glow. “I look forward to seeing a better skin……and I LOVE the Advanced B5 serum too. Best Wishes Lynda Young.”
  • Use Vitamin C for vibrancy – say goodbye to dull skin with the powers of BV-OSC, a potent blend of vitamin C for ultimate glowing, vibrant skin. A fantastic, instant skin brightener.
  • Makeup is a great tool for instant glowing skin, using the correct foundation is key. Keep away from heavy, powder formulations that can leave your skin dull. Youngblood mineral makeup has 5 different formulations for a dewy healthy looking finish. Pop in for a complimentary makeup demonstration with Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.

Treatments for dull skin

When it comes to treating dull, tired skin, we have a great selection of non-surgical treatments to leave you glowing.

  • Endermolift; Immediate results of a healthy, glowing complexion with a natural lifting effect.
  • Skin peels; the perfect skin brightening pick me up for instant skin radiance.
  • Facials, Skin Treatment; we don’t pamper, we treat. Our experts will work with you to create a signature facial to address your dull, tired skin.

What our clients say

“I can only say once again what a wonderful experience I had with you treating me. The vibrancy you put back into my skin definitely had an osmosis effect and feeling very vibrant inside! I have found that I have been very good with my skin care since as I am a little concerned I’ll lose the “glow” but I think that will have a lot to do with diet and lifestyle as well!”


“I have tried both LipomassageTM and EndermoliftTM with Mrs Oorloff Clinic and have become their permanent client for both. I must say, that the facial treatment which includes EndermorliftTM, the result is amazing and immediate.”

Find Out More

For a personalised consultation about dull skin and the best form of treatment for you please contact us or alternatively pop in with your enquiry and speak with our experienced team Michelle, Hannah, Nicola or Shannon.


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