When it comes to skin treatments – facials are our speciality!

We combine our expertise with quality products and proven techniques to provide the best possible facials. We master all elements to clean your skin and help it to look its very best. These elements consist of state of the art skincare ingredients, extraction techniques for comedones and milia, scientific proven technologies along with education, direction, and professionalism.

A signature facial that provides results

We don’t pamper but we do treat! Our experts will work with you to create a signature facial that addresses your area of concern or skin problem. This could include one or a combination of the following:

  • Signs of ageing
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Jowls
  • Enlarged pores / open pores / blocked pores / clogged pores / blackheads
  • Teenage skin
  • Dry , Sensitive, Oily and Combination skin
  • Sun damage / pigmentation / uneven skin tone
  • Congested skin
  • Acne breakouts
  • Dark circles and hyperpigmentation
  • Rosacea / irritated skin and redness
  • Dull and tired skin

Skin treatment technologies

We use state of the art technologies within our range of facials to provide the best possible results, using our expertise to design the most appropriate combination of these technologies for your skin. Examples of the technologies we use for facials include:

  • Steam
  • Endermologie
  • Microcurrent
  • Ionisation / infusion
  • Aesthetic Mesotherapy / 3D treatment
  • High Frequency

Facials – A personal approach

Your initial personalised facial will typically involve a thorough skin consultation and skin analysis before we provide a deep clean (facial extraction), lymph drainage massage.  A program will be designed based on your expectations and our prognosis of your current skin condition.

We do

  • Listen
  • Personalise your skin treatment
  • Think outside the box to achieve the desired results
  • Include a thorough skin consultation and skin analysis so we can use the most appropriate technologies.

We don’t

  • Give a lengthy and confusing menu of facials to choose from
  • Follow generic cosmetic brand treatment protocols

    Please allow an additional 15 minutes for your consultation

    • Skin consultation
    • Facial 1 – 45 minutes
    • Facial 2 – 60 minutes

Advanced Facial Treatments

Our facial skin treatments progress on to the following advanced treatments:

  • Pumpkin Peel

    An advanced exfoliation treatment, excellent for anti-ageing, acne and hyperpigmentation. Find out more

  • Glycolic Peel

    A powerful and advanced exfoliation treatment for deep rejuvenation, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Find out more

  • Genuine Dermaroller® Treatment

    An innovative and award-winning non-surgical skin regeneration procedure to improve appearance of facial & décolleté lines and wrinkles, ageing skin, acne scars and stretch marks. Find out more

What our clients say

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing facial treatments. I am really seeing the benefits of Endermolift and if time would allow I would come to you for treatments weekly. Very professional I shall be recommending you to all my friends.

Donna Harper

You have spoilt me like no other facialist. No one seems to be able to sort it out the way you do.

I have tried dermologica facials,guinots and eve loms.the main thing they can’t seem to do is good extractions like you do.

I always look forward to your treatments and love the way that you tailor each facial  to my skin’s needs rather than just going through formulaic motions. I always feel I am in good hands & am delighted to have found you!

THANK YOU it was without doubt the best facial I have EVER received and please quote me. See you soon

Find Out More

For a personalised consultation about the best facial treatment for you please contact us or alternatively pop in with your enquiry and speak with our experienced team Michelle, Shannon, Lauren.

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    Welcome to Mrs Oorloff Clinic. Based in Witney, Oxford, we provide a range of natural, non-invasive, reconditioning treatments to our clients.

    Alongside our treatments, which are delivered within a professional and comfortable environment, we believe in working with our clients on a one to one basis to offer expert advice and re-education to support any treatment programmes and enable goals to be achieved.

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