Hair Reduction and Hair Management by Ellipse

Multiflex by Ellipse; one of the worlds very best systems for aesthetic and dermatologic treatments

The first Ellipse system was developed 1997 in co-operation with internationally recognised Dermatologists (Danish Dermatolgical Development responsible for development and manufacture of the gamma camera systems used for cancer diagnosis and nuclear medicine) for the treatment of skin diseases and cosmetic disorders. Each treatment application has been subjected to clinical tests and regulatory approvals. The Ellipse is FDA approved and has many independently published articles demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of its treatments.


A mandatory consultation and patch test is required (minimum 24 hours) before commencing your treatment(s) – FREE

A heat reaction from the light travels through the  hair pigment inhibiting the growth of the hair.  Hair grows in different stages and therefore affects the outcome of your treatment. The hair can be in a) Anagen stage; growing stage b) Catagen stage; transition stage c) Telogen stage; resting stage. At any point your hair could be in anyone of these 3 stages. The ideal stage is Anagen however this is impossible to determine at point of treatment therefore we recommend anything from 6 treatments for the best results, with  4-8 week intervals.

Before & After

Before & After 4 Sessions

Before & After 2 Sessions

Before & After Numerous Sessions

Before & After 3 Sessions


  • FEES FOR HAIR REDUCTION per treatment


    Upper Lip £50.00

    Chin £50.00

    Lip & Chin £80.00

    Full Face £180.00

    Lower Face £120.00

    Eye Brows £50.00



    Under Arms £80.00

    1/2 Arms £140.00



    Nipple area £50.00

    Stomach Centre Line £65.00

    Bikini Standard £80.00

    Bikini Extended £130.00

    Full Bikini £190.00



    Lower Legs inc knees £160.00

    Upper Legs £175.00

    Full Legs £285.00

    Back of Thighs £90.00 – £130.00

    Feet & Toes £50.00



    Upper back £155.00

    Lower back £155.00

    Chest £200.00

    Full back & shoulders £300.00

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