Healthy lifestyle – a term we endeavour to adhere to. The problem that we face is that the phrase healthy lifestyle describes the life we need to live if we want to feel good and look good. So, what does it actually mean? How would you describe a healthy person? Perhaps on your list would be doesn’t smoke, weight is on par with BMI, eats a healthy variety of foods, alcohol to a minimum and moderately exercises on a regular basis.

It is quite (or not) as the case may be surprising that your above list that majority of people find hard to adhere to, especially as we are bombarded everyday via the media the importance of placing these simple disciples into our daily lives or indeed suffer the consequences.

During our consultations whether it be for face or body treatments we discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining the simple disciplines into daily life to optimise not just the treatment you embark on but to increase and maintain your quality of life.

The human body is an amazing metamorphous the way in which it is able to adapt to its environment regardless of what you feed it, or if you do or don’t exercise but sooner or later the lack of healthy living will take its toll. I often refer to our bodies as our cars would you put petrol into a diesel car? No, quite right so why do we fill our bodies with literally in some cases junk? It all comes down to behaviour to partly explain why we have become who we are today. We shop, followed by the right hand going up to the mouth. I rarely hear someone has been force fed or forced to drink copious amounts of alcohol. But like I say the body is amazing and with a few tweaks here and there the body soon bounces back.

Detoxing is a great way to start again and cleanse the body to enable it to repair and regenerate. Detoxing is not necessarily starving yourself but literally it can mean for 21 days you cut out sugar, fizzy drinks, alcohol you get the idea, just literally giving your body an opportunity.


Lymph Drainage

Lymph Drainage is an effective way to cleanse the body. Lymph System is simply the backup system to the blood carrying the waste away to nodes to be broken down. Where the blood is reliant on the heart to be pumped around the body the lymph is stimulated by the contraction and relaxation of muscles. Lymph drainage massage clears the path ways of lymph in body and face.

Specific facial exercises will aid in assisting the lymph therefore giving a clearer complexion. Naturally, participating in regular exercise will aid this system greatly.

Endermologie from LPG systems proven by science is what we use to aid enhancing the detoxification of the body, literally detangling the tissues therefore increasing the flow of your blood & lymph supply and increasing your overall wellbeing. The technique for the body is Lipomassage & for the Face Endermolift.

Reasons for treatments at Mrs Oorloff Clinic is to enhance and maintain a healthy approach to your appearance, wellbeing, regain confidence and esteem. Clients fall into different categories

  • Clients that have all the disciplines in place and educated in the importance of regular treatments. They are usually a little frustrated with for example areas of concerns for example the body the lumps and bumps appearing around the bottom or skin loosening around the knees. Their facial skin they feel is loosening as they have aged. Our lifestyle maintenance programme is ideally suited to these individuals a once a month all over comprising of various treatments bespoke to them.
  • Clients that have maybe with age realised that years of neglect are leaving their toll. They are in the midst of turning a new leaf perhaps by an anniversary of a special birthday or even a wedding. The treatments begin in a concentrated concession of detoxing and then resculpting then rebuilding reducing to regular monthly treatments to maintain and prevent reoccurrence.
  • Clients that for whatever reason their bodies and face have endured for example life circumstances, ill health, re-invention of themselves that has now meant that they are considering surgery to rectify their current condition. We work with surgeons to enhance a positive outcome to their choices. By treating the concerned areas with a variety of different treatments and homecare we can lay the foundations of a healthy, radiant and vibrant person where the surgery then gives the finishing touches to reveal a confident healthy person.

Maintenance becomes more paramount as we get older. We are often asked ‘if I do this course how long will it last?’ the truth is nothing lasts for ever. Our tissue are constantly dying and regenerating and therefore we must re-educate our new cells. There are many analogies that I can convey to you: your vehicles MOT once a year; the Dentist once a year; hairdressers perhaps x1 8weeks, cleaning clothes/ housework once a week; going to the gym x12 month; and so it goes on all to maintain the cleanliness, health & fitness of our daily lives. Our bodies and faces portray to the outside world how we are, isn’t it lovely when people say ‘wow you look well’ that in essence is what we endeavour with your treatments. Once a month treatment will keep all of your tissues tip top shape.

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