Beauty from Within – supplementing your skin from the inside

Juice Plus+ – a supplement that is based on whole food nutrition to support a healthy skin regime and provide the nutrients you need to look and feel your best.

As part of a healthy skin regime, we recommend JuicePlus+ to support your investment and enhance your results. Available in an easy to use and convenient capsule form, Juice Plus includes juice powder concentrate from more than 25 vegetables, fruits and grains. All ingredients are monitored throughout the process to ensure the highest quality is maintained.

The benefits of Juice Plus+ to your skin:

There are a number of benefits to Juice Plus. Here are the most common ones for your skin:

  • Increase micro circulation in your skin by 39% in 12 weeks
  • Increase density of your skin therefore your pores appear smaller by 6% in 12 weeks
  • Increase in skin thickness collagen / elastin by 16% in just 12 weeks
  • Increases hydration levels in your skin by 9% in 12 weeks
  • Decreases Free radical damage by up to 75% every 28 days

Naturally when Juice Plus+ has the ability to do this to your skin imagine the effects on the rest ofyour body! Juice Plus+ has no less than 31 medical published papers from all over the world thus ensuring that you are receiving the very best in cellular nutrition.

The benefits of JuicePlus+ to your body

  • Increases immunity
  • Bioavaiable – absorbed directly into your body
  • Protects your DNA
  • Helps cardiovascular health
  • Reduces oxidative stress caused through exercise

We highly recommend Juice Plus+ as part of your treatment programme to optimise your results. Ideal for clients who are having Lipomassge for slimming and cellulite concerns. Find out more here:

What our clients say

“I am a make-up artist with 20 years experience which keeps me very busy travelling the world . Skin, being the largest organ, is one of the first areas to show stress in many ways , I have found using Juice Plus+® ensures I get all the nutrients I need for my hectic life and gives my skin a healthy glow , not to mention the other health benefits!


So turning 30 as a woman is not the easiest. I’m one of those women who has also not always been kind to her skin either. I must say meeting Michelle has been a revalation, she has not only changed the way I think about my skin but my genral health too. I will never forget one of the first things she told me: ‘Your skin is the largest organ in your body, you need to care for it as you would do for the rest of your body’, the other comment I won’t forget is ‘ its ok you can reverse the damage to your skin’. Michelle tailors all her treatments for you and take great care to make you feel amazing! I always walk away from my treatments with great feeling and looking skin, also feeling a million dollars.


Michelle introduced me to Juice+, I have been taking the supplements for about a year. Within 3 months of starting I could see my skin changing, it has been great hearing family and friends say I look well and commenting on how good my skins looks. Its not just my skin that has benefited from the Juice+, I have more energy, feel healthier and it has made me take greater care of myself. All I can really say is THANK YOU Michelle. I’ve been wondering anxiously when the next shipment would arrive! I’m finding the juice plus absolutely wonderful – I’m sure it’s increased my energy substantially and also made me feel much better nourished.

Find Out More

For a personalised consultation about Juice Plus+ or to make an order contact us or alternatively pop in with your enquiry and speak with Michelle.

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