Loose skin can appear literally anywhere. As the face skin loosens; leads to jowls drooping, eyelids becoming heavy, neck losing its shape giving the illusion of perhaps a double chin. The body skin loosens when you have lost a lot of weight especially if it is suddenly, common occurrence is after pregnancy when the skin has been stretched, and the classic bingo wings with age and loss of weight.

Crepy skin can appear with age all over the body leading to one feeling alarmed, distressed that age has crept up when inside we feel so young especially for those of us that try so hard with our lifestyle disciplines i.e. dietary habits and exercise.

  • Why does skin loosen?

    There are many factors to take into consideration with skin loosening.

    Facial skin loosening is mainly to do with ageing. As we age we begin to lose our bone density it is almost like our skull shrinking. The orbital area is noticeable as the lids of the eyes become too big for the socket and over hang. The mouth area where our gums and jaw line recede can make the skin around the neck become too big that it literally hangs. Our subcutaneous tissue where our padding lies begins to diminish leading to our skin thinning leaving our skin delicate and fragile.

    Body skin loosening is quite often due to losing weight rapidly especially at an older age where the skin no longer has the structure or the elasticity to bounce back. Pregnancy at a younger age can allow the skin to spring back sometimes better than an older mother to be. With age we experience a loss of elasticity and structure to our fat cells giving us a skin that appears all too big for us.

Exercise is a good place to start but really only effective for the young when skin tightening is concerned. An all too common request from our clients is to do with skin tightening usually from those that are really disciplined with their exercise, but, as described above the skin doesn’t have the ability to adhere to the muscles so therefore our skin often becomes too big for us to wear.

Mrs Oorloff Clinic can tighten your skin with the following treatments Endermolift and the Dermaroller treatment both of these techniques will tighten and tone your skin giving you a healthy radiant glow to your skin. These techniques stimulate collagen synthesis, elastin, hylauronic acid giving plumpness’ and the ability to lift and tone your skin in the all-important areas of concern the jowls and eye lifts. Both of these treatments come as a course then develop into a maintenance lifestyle program giving you optimum results at all times.

The Lipomassage by LPG systems is the very best you can do for skin tightening treatments. Depending on the current condition of your tissues (some may use Endermolgie as a pre curser to surgery) this is an effective treatment all over. We can achieve the skin glow and vibrancy that you work so hard for in a much shorter time. Stimulating the fibroblast cells (stimulate the collagen & elastin) and the hyaluronic acid, your skin will bounce back. The same technique can be used for post pregnancy belly where sometimes it isn’t so much fatty tissue that is making you feel uncomfortable it is the excess skin.

Post Pregnancy Belly - Case Study

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Losing weight after pregnancy

Our advice is always to firstly seek medical advice before embarking on a weight reduction diet after this wonderful event in your life. Once your first period has started and you have completed breast-feeding Endermologie treatment is a great way to compliment your current disciplines of healthy diet and exercise. Popular requests are to drop a dress size and to regain your original shape before pregnancy. Easiest way to lose the added lumps and bumps is through a course of Lipomassage (link) and a healthy diet combining it with a programme of advanced nutrition (link to transform 30 JP+) giving you your confidence and self-esteem.

What our clients say

“I have tried both LipomassageTM and EndermoliftTM with Mrs Oorloff Clinic and have become their permanent client for both. I must say, that the full facial treatment which includes EndermorliftTM, the result is amazing and immediate. Even the colour of the face becomes fresh and subtle, and skin toned. It is really worth every penny spent, especially as a full bespoke facial treatment. I would recommend any woman to have one treatment a month or two to feed and tone your skin.”

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