I have been a client of Mrs Oorloff Clinic  for some years now and have had various different treatments, which are without doubt, the very best to be had. She displays exceptional skills, knowledge and understanding in respect of my requirements and has performed near miracles on my skin, with visible improvements from the very first treatment I ever had with her. The products she uses are trustworthy and reliable and natural. I can recommend her without reservation to anyone who has any concerns about their skin and complexion


Thank you so much for my treatment. My skin feels fabulous. One of my customers actually commented on the fact that I looked like I had had a good nights sleep. My husband said my skin looks radiant.I’m thrilled and can’t wait to carry on with further treatment to see the results. I have booked my appointment.


Thanks to Elena for her help with the foundation. I am using the cream one and my skin feels clearer already!

I heard about the LPG treatment on a radio advert and thought this sounds just for me – stubborn areas of fat that just wont shift despite all the dieting and exercising I could reasonable manage. I have never been one for surgery so when I heard that this was a non invasive treatment that worked by stimulating the body to break down and release the fats as nature intended, I thought why not, after all, I am worth it!
I am absolutely thrilled with the results!!! I have lived with the lumps and bumps for 20 years and treatment by treatment I am getting towards my ideal – I know I will never look like Cindy Crawford but I want to be proud of my body.

Michelle who heads up the clinic is brilliant, she talked me through the science of what LPG involves and explained that the treatment is most effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle, eating well and moderate exercise. The results I saw from my first few LPG treatments inspired me to do just that.

I have had treatments with all the lovely ladies in the Clinic, Hannah, Dalila and Nicola. I enjoy my 35 minute chit chats with each of them as they diligently work on fighting my fat! I look forward to my LPG sessions and how glad am I that I had my radio on that day. The big test will be when I put on that bikini – something I haven’t done in 20 years!


Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing facial treatments. I am really seeing the benefits of Endermolift and if time would allow I would come to you for treatments weekly. Very professional I shall be recommending you to all my friends.

Donna Harper

I have only been once to see Mrs Oorloff Clinic, but am looking forward to having an Endermolift and then trying the Microneedle after that.
I had regular facials previously, but was most impressed by Michelle’s no nonsense, sensible approach. I look forawrd to seeing a better skin……and I LOVE the Advanced B5 serum too.

Lynda Young

Dear Mrs Oorloff Clinic team, I am so pleased to hear about your award, you certainly deserve it !!! you have all worked so hard and give excellent customer service plus wonderful treatments.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Oorloff Clinic for persevering with my stubborn cellulite! I was particularly unhappy with the cellulite on my legs especially my thighs and found that the team was focused & determined to ensure that I received the best results possible for me, but at the same time she was always honest & upfront about the achievable results. My course of treatments ended just in time for my summer beach holiday, were I was complimented by my friends on how good my legs looked. Needless to say I am extremely happy with my results & will be visiting you all very soon to see what other miracles she can perform for me!

I was very impressed with the various techniques you used with the LPG because, when I had the same treatment in Paris a few years ago, it was a very basic all over the body massage. I really love the fact that you “analyse” and work on specific zones, to make the most of the treatment, and your advice was always spot on! As for the results, well quite impressive really, after just 5 sessions, I could really see a great improvement in the appearance and feel of my thighs, so smooth, orange peel gone and even a bit slimmer! This is an absolute top marks treatment and your technique and knowledge also makes all the difference. The combination of a healthy diet with this treatment just works wonders, I was already on a diet before starting this treatment but was disappointed with the progress, the LPG treatment showed visible results. And you can also pair it with just a small amount of exercise to get great results, there is just no end to the benefits of lipomassage.

I will definitely be coming back to see you probably in February to get ready for the Bahamas!

I have tried both Lipomassage™ and Endermolift™ with Mrs Oorloff Clinic and have become their permanent client for both.
I must say, that the full facial treatment which includes Endermorlift™, the result is amazing and immediate. Even the colour of the face becomes fresh and subtle, and skin toned. It is really worth every penny spent, especially as a full bespoke facial treatment. I would recommend any woman to have one treatment a month or two to feed and tone your skin.


With Mrs Oorloff Clinic Lipomassage™, I felt and saw the difference after 2nd treatment. My thighs became less plump and more toned. I found it very helpful and encouraging to carry on combination of Lipomassage (first 4 – 5 treatments and then 1 – 2 every other month or more) and some minor but consistent work out and healthy diet to keep my legs toned.


Thank you Mrs Oorloff Clinic, for your highly professional treatments and generous attitude towards your clients. If you want to find your own holistic beautician for life, Mrs Oorloff Clinic is definitely the ONE.

O Davis

I spent most of my adult life searching for a beauty therapist to help with my skin problem of congested pores and breakouts of large blemishes. I found Mrs Oorloff on the Internet and after my first appointment I was so impressed with the results. Michelle’s approach to skin care is bespoke and person centred. I can also speak from my experience of Juice Plus+®, it has improved my health and well being and I also feel it is responsible for the conception of my 6 month old daughter as I had been trying unsuccessfully for almost 2 years prior to taking it, I have also heard similar stories from people I know. On a last note I would like to add that Michelle’s presence makes one feel very relaxed and removed from the stresses of the outside world and I have made many recommendations to family and friends who also speak so highly of the one and only Mrs. Oorloff!

MP - Witney

In my early forties with a demanding job in London and two small children to keep me on my toes, I thought it was about time me, and my tired-looking face, got some attention. I had facials before but I was looking for someone to, well, work a bit of magic really. Michelle’s treatments are truly wonderful. She does whatever my skin needs when I see her – including Endermolift™ to tackle my not-so-funny laughter lines and extraction, which frees up my clogged pores. After an hour’s treatment, I breeze out of her welcoming home with skin squeaky clean, super soft and best-of-all: glowing. I wish I had discovered her sooner.

Colette Quartermain – Bicester

I am a make-up artist with 20 years experience which keeps me very busy travelling the world . Skin, being the largest organ, is one of the first areas to show stress in many ways , I have found using Juice Plus+® ensures I get all the nutrients I need for my hectic life and gives my skin a healthy glow , not to mention the other health benefits !

So turning 30 as a woman is not the easiest. I’m one of those women who has also not always been kind to her skin either. I must say meeting Michelle has been a revalation, she has not only changed the way I think about my skin but my genral health too. I will never forget one of the first things she told me: ‘Your skin is the largest organ in your body, you need to care for it as you would do for the rest of your body’, the other comment I won’t forget is ‘ its ok you can reverse the damage to your skin’. Michelle tailors all her treatments for you and take great care to make you feel amazing! I always walk away from my treatments with great feeling and looking skin, also feeling a million dollars.


Michelle introduced me to Juice+, I have been taking the supplements for about a year. Within 3 months of starting I could see my skin changing, it has been great hearing family and friends say I look well and commenting on how good my skins looks. Its not just my skin that has benefited from the Juice+, I have more energy, feel healthier and it has made me take greater care of myself.


All I can really say is THANK YOU Michelle.

Awesome! After just my first session I look less like a chipmunk and my skin is more refined! Can’t wait to see the results after my initial eight treatments. Thank you Michelle for all that and a good reason to see you lots more!!

Thank you for your lovely treatment. I felt I was finally in good hands! My skin feels good and “breathing” after my session with you.

Thank you so much for today your treatments are always amazing and you never fail to not just make my skin feel lovely but me as well. I’m already looking forward to seeing you again

I can only say once again what a wonderful experience I had with you treating me. The vibrancy you put back into my skin definitely had an osmosis effect and feeling very vibrant inside! I have found that I have been very good with my skin care since as I am a little concerned I’ll lose the “glow” but I think that will have a lot to do with diet and lifestyle as well! I can only say once again a huge THANK YOU it was without doubt the best facial I have EVER received and please quote me. See you soon

Good Morning Miracle Worker! Those offensive little pimples just shrivelled up and retreated under my dermis. Very satisfying. Thank you

It was lovely to meet you. My skin feels wonderful and soft and is looking really healthy. I don’t have all the tension and pain along my shoulders that was there before. It was utter heaven being wrapped up in warm blankets for a couple of hours and I think I would quite happily have stayed there until the New Year, I will certainly be back in touch after my trip and will be back for more!


Thank you so much, it was a wonderful experience.

Thank you for your e-mail It was lovely to hear from you.
I enjoyed my treatment with you last week. My skin looks better. ! After my treatment I felt very relaxed, happier and “lighter” ! I give myself more credit now. I am looking forward to my next visit.

Michelle thank you so much for my treatment and best wishes.

The treatment we all had from you was fantastic. You tailered each of our treatments to suit out individual needs.

I thoroughly enjoyed my facial. My facial was wonderful. I have never had extractions done before, so  that  was a new experience for me. My face today feels so smooth and I have no tension in my shoulders.  What made this so  special , apart from your wonderful massage and facial  techniques, was the attention to detail. Making sure I was wrapped up warmly, putting those heated bootees on my feet ( we tall ladies need these extras!) and just a warm nurturing feeling I had. I have been singing your praises to everyone.

My skin feels great. My complexion looks clear and rejuvenated. I will definitely be back for more facials.

It was lovely to meet you. The facial was a real treat. Several people have commented on how well I look with my radient skin.

I just want to say a massive thank you again for such fantastic treatments last night. I have honestly never had such a wonderful and professional treatment before and it was so nice to meet you and be made to feel so comfortable and welcome.

You are more than welcome the treatment was amazing. I just felt more full of live for work today.  I will be recommending you to everyone i meet.

Thanks so much for today, it was wonderful! My skin feels lovely and I smell delicious… What you offer is unique and well worth the round trip

Thank you for a really relaxing experience. I still can’t believe how good my skin looks: you are a miracle worker!  I thoroughly enjoyed my visit

It was a pleasure to visit Mrs Oorloff Clinic on Saturday and experience the wonderful  facial you offer. It was truly wonderful – ticked all the boxes for relaxation and facial cleansing and revitalisation! and I look forward to coming back soon.

Thanks for your email. I enjoyed my facial yesterday. My skin feels lovely and without a trace of the redness (I knew that was temporary). I hope to book another session with you in the future! Thank you!

“Thank you, yesterday was something I definitely needed and I can already see a huge improvement with my skin!”

Good to hear from you. I felt fantastic, thank you, I really, really enjoyed the treatment and am looking forward to the one in February already.  My face feels lovely and smooth! Take care, I shall certainly let my friends know about you. Best wishes.

Hi, thanks for the e-mail, I am really well and thought the facial on Saturday was amazing!

Yes skin was lovely and smooth thank you.  I also slept extremely well that night and felt very much rested and motivated the next day. Across my shoulders was the main bonus though for me, although they didn’t seem so bad before, afterwards they felt so much more relaxed, and my mood was great. I will definitely be making another booking with you, especially being as you multi task to time scales!

I was particularly pleased with the effect the facial had, the areas on my cheeks that you said were a bit ‘vascular’ seemed much smoother and I definitely feel like my skin has been ‘fed’.
I’ll definitely be recommending you to anyone who’s looking for a facial. Thank you for your email, it was lovely to meet you, your house is amazing and your treatment rooms far outweighed my expectations!


I haven’t felt quite so relaxed for a long time and I slept really well

I really enjoyed my “me” time and as I said it was the best treatment I have had so thank you very much and I will be back soon.

It was lovely to meet you to.
I really enjoyed my treatments thank you! I think I was spaced out for the rest of the afternoon, which was much needed! Everything about the whole experience was very good, I felt very welcomed and in very good hands right from the start.
Thank you again.

Was good to meet you too. Have been feeling good since, though I did have to have a little lie down and a nap Saturday afternoon – must have exerted myself in the morning with all that relaxing!

I find you very professional, attentive & Kind!

Thank you for your message.  I am feeling good today, My family said I looked younger too – so that’s a bonus!

Thanks for the email, I have to say I had one of the best nights sleep I have had for a long time!!!My face feels great, when putting on my make-up this morning it definitely felt smoother

Hi Michelle, The treatment was great, thank you! I like the facial and neck bit best.

Dear Michelle,
I very much enjoyed my facial  with you on Saturday.  I felt extremely relaxed and happy when I got home!
I’ve already asked my husband for another one!!!
Thank you very much indeed.

Thank you so much for my treatment it truly was amazing and i enjoyed every minute of it

Hi Michelle Thanks for the treatment, I thought you did an excellent job, I have recommended you to a friend

It was lovely to meet you too and I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment with you last week, and my skin still looks more even, which is great. I am doing my best to drink more water and certainly ‘cleaning and feeding’ before I go to bed now every night, so hopefully it will start to show!

Hi Michelle
Thank you for your email.
Yesterday I felt good except for a slight discomfort at the base of my skull, which didn’t last long. My neck movement hasn’t been so good in a long time!
I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and will certainly be calling you again – but I promise not to leave it 5 years!!
Many thanks
Best Wishes

I loved my last facial & my skin afterwards glowed for several days – the collagen mask (?) seems to work wonders! Huge thanks, as always

Thank you for inquiring about me post-treatment: you’ll be glad to know that I felt fabulous and relaxed. My face was as soft as a pillow, too, so I’m very happy all round.

I am already looking forward to a return visit, and have been telling my girl friends about you so hopefully you’ll have some more visitors too.

What I particularly like about Mrs.Oorloff is that she genuinely cares. Many therapists use a client’s visit to chat away(usually about themselves) but Michelle is focused purely on the specific needs of her client at the time of their visit. She also creates a warm and welcoming space that invites immediate relaxation

The reason I come to you is that, apart from you being you, your experience and professionalism shines way above others I have been to. You make it a truly pleasurable experience.

In terms of what makes you so different from other therapists – the words are based around … a superior experience achieved through your innate desire to meet the needs of each client individually and the fact that you are never satisfied that you know enough! i.e. there is always something out there that could improve the care/treatment you provide and until you know it you won’t feel you have done enough for that individual!

I have been to a few different therapists and they all give the same old drivvle and see how many products they can sell to you, but the difference I felt with you was that you wanted to help me and you wanted to get my skin under control as much as I did. You make your clients feel like friends that are welcomed into your home. I always looked forward to my visits to you not only for the treatment but also for our chats

Hi Michelle
I’ve been wondering anxiously when the next shipment would arrive!  I’m finding the juice plus absolutely wonderful – I’m sure it’s increased my energy substantially and also made me feel much better nourished.

You have spoilt me for all other facialist.No one seems to be able to sort it out the way you do.I have tried dermologica facials,guinots and eve loms.the main thing they can’t seem to do is good extractions like you do

Hello Michelle!
I always look forward to your treatments and love the way that you tailor each treatment to my skin’s needs rather than just going through formulaic motions. I always feel I am in good hands & am delighted to have found you!

I felt very relaxed after my lovely treatment with you – my being and body was very appreciative of your care.

Thank you so much for my treatment.  It was lovely and great to spend a bit of ‘me’ time for a change.

Dear Michelle,
Thank you for your e-mail. Anna & I thoroughly enjoyed our visit.My skin felt nice and clean and I felt really relaxed afterwards

It was great to meet you too on Saturday; it was such a fantastic treatment session; really great. My skin looked really radiant afterwards

My skin is looking great – I swear it is less saggy – must have been the egg white and honey!

So, so kind of you for the JP – have started taking it and feel better already

Many thanks for sorting the Juice+ tablets – they look like they’re just what i need.

Michelle, my skin is soooo good!! Thank you soo much for such a fab treatment my skin looks really really great this morning – what a lovely start to the day and it’s all thanks to you!

Hi Michelle,
Lovely to see you to.  You are looking great too.  My skin feels really lovely and thank you for helping with my shoulders!!
Thanks for the facial exercises I will have a go and let you know if anything changes.

Dear Michelle,
The worst thing about your treatments is when they come to an end .. I always rather wish they would go for ever! I really enjoyed the treatment and was very glad I’d made the appointment for my return from holiday – I’ll do that again. It helped me to get over the sadness that it was all over.

Hi Michelle,
So sorry for the delay in replying to your email but i have been away.
I had such a relaxing time and although a new concept to me i loved having a treatment package suited to me.
I always thought i didn’t have time for a complete skin care regime but its so simple and quick and has become second nature already. This is good news as it means i will keep it up and reep the rewards in years to come.

Hope you’re well!
Thank you so much for the treatments – I felt fabulous when I got home and had the best night sleep EVER!

I feel very tired today – but my skin looks so much brighter and cleaner.  It must have been full of muck!

Thanks Michelle, I feel sooo much better. See you soon

Hi Michelle
Nice to see you too.  My skin is fine thanks – it feels really smooth and all the spots you zapped are clearing up nicely – even the crater!
No sign of my skin shedding – I used all the Dermalogica products last night and all seems fine – so I am thrilled!
Talk to you soon

Hi Michelle
Absolutely fine!  The euphoria only started to wear off the next day!  Many thanks for a lovely treatment (again).
All good wishes

Hi Michelle
Sorry I missed your call the other day.  I am well thanks, and my face looked really refreshed the next day – one of my girls remarked how it was glowing!

Hi Michelle,
Sorry to have missed your call yesterday, but once again thank you for a delicious treatment, it certainly set me up for the weekend and my skin is positvely glowing.

Skin is great thanks- lots of compliments!
have a good few weeks

I would like to thank you again for my treatment on Friday, I really enjoyed it. It got the weekend off to a great start.
See you soon.

Hi Michelle – thanks very much for ringing the other day and thanks again for your healing touch! I slept very well that night which was wonderful and the next day felt so spaced out (in a good way) that I left my bag on the train to London – whoops! Fortunately someone was on the train that I knew (I got off in Oxford) so all was well.

Hello to the wonderful Mrs Oorloff
I am recommending that the world comes to see you for a magic treatment. Just think if the NHS paid for everyone to come and see you their bills for psychiatric treatment would be non existent.

Incredibly Michelle seems to intuitively know what is needed and incorporates her extensive knowledge of both Eastern and Western therapies into the treatment. Many thanks, look forward to seeing you again soon

My facial was just absolutely great!

DH London

Thank you so much for our treatments that you gave us on Saturday they were wonderful and just what we both needed. We will certainly be recommending you to our guests.

HL & JS - Hotel Oxford

Your experience and quality of treatment shone through, thank you for your patience and kindness

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