A skin peel uses various active ingredients in a controlled manner to deeply exfoliate the skin’s surface. At Mrs Oorloff Clinic we specialise in light to medium strength peels. Depending on the strength and the active ingredients in the peel will depend on how deep the skin peel will work and results it will achieve. Having the right skin peel in the safe hands of an experienced aesthetician can achieve fantastic results.

A light skin peel works superficially to remove the dead skin cells build up which are attached via intercellular glue on the outer layer of skin (epidermis). The peel melts into the skin to break down the glue and remove the dead skin build up. Suitable for;

  • A great introduction if having a peel for the first time
  • First signs of aging
  • Improving tone and elasticity
  • Treating acne and aiding in acne prevention
  • Congested and clogged skin
  • Increasing collagen production
  • Dull skin

Medium depth skin peel works deeper by removing the surface layer of the stratum corneum (the very top layer of the epidermis). This then peels off leaving a new, fresh layer of skin. Suitable for;

  • Aging skin, deeper lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage and age spots
  • Hyperpigmentation, skin pigmentation
  • Scarring
  • Thicken, dull skin

Aftercare – is simple and straightforward and with common sense is easy to follow. We will go through an in depth consultation before any skin peel is performed.

Our Skin Peel Treatments include:

  • Retinol Boost

    Is your skin is looking dull & lifeless? Retinol Boost is the perfect skin brightening pick me up.

    This powerful retinol blend will give an instant radiance to your skin. Retinol will increase collagen production while physically tightening the skin structure to give a beautiful healthy appearance. Great as a one off treatment or for long lasting results, why not invest in a course of treatments:

    • Treatment:
    • Resurfacer:
    • Peel
  • Anti-ageing Vitamin A Infusion Skin Peel

    This multilayer skin peel treatment will help to restore health & brightness back to the skin while rejuvenating and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is looking will also reduce minor concerns of breakouts and blocked pores.

    If youthful looking skin is what you’re looking for then look no further! This skin peel treatment:

    • 1 treatment:
    • Course of 3 treatments:
  • Age Delay with Stem Cell Technology Treatment

    This unique treatment blends powerful Stem Cells with natural acids to give the ultimate age delay treatment. As we age our skin becomes delicate and loses its natural support and collagen production. Age Delay with Stem Cells will increase the natural collagen production, strengthen elastin and plump out tired looking skin while tightening and brightening on the surface. Your skin has never felt so strong.

    • 1 treatment:
    • Course of 3 treatments:
  • Acne Skin Peel

    Are you tired of acne breakouts and blocked pores? Do you want smooth, even looking, clear skin? Acne control is the treatment for you.

    This special blend of Vitamin A and mild natural acids will restore the skin’s balance reduce breakouts and smooth the surface of the skin. Your skin will look and feel alive and instantly appear clearer.

    • 1 treatment:
    • Course of 3 treatments:
  • Light and Bright Skin Peel

    Treatment for Pigmentation which is caused through overexposure to UV light but also hormonal changes within the body. As we age these concerns become more noticeable.

    Light and Bright skin peel will even out your skin tone for brighter skin and help to prevent further skin pigmentation from forming. This advanced peel is especially good for darker skins concerned with sun damage and hormonal pigment. Your skin will appear smoother and brighter instantly.

    • 1 treatment:
    • Course of 3 treatments:
  • TCA Peel

    A comprehensive and potent anti-aging peel for smoother, younger, fresher skin.

    • 1 treatment:
    • Course of 3 treatments:
  • Stem Cell Rescue Peel

    The ultimate advanced peel using a combination of TCA and Retinol for optimal results. Coupled with Glycolic and infused with plant stem cells for stunning, intensely rejuvenation results.

    • 1 treatment:
    • Course of 3 treatments:

Before & After

Stem Cell Rescue Peel Before

Before Stem Cell Rescue Peel

Stem Cell Rescue Peel After

After Stem Cell Rescue Peel

Acne Skin Peel

Before Acne Skin Peel

After Acne Skin Peel

Acne Skin Peel After

What our clients say

“My skin feels great. My complexion looks clear and rejuvenated. I will definitely be back for more peels.”


“Thank you for your lovely treatment. I felt I was finally in good hands! My skin feels good and “breathing” after my peel with you.”

Find Out More

For a personalised consultation about and the best skin peel for you please contact us or alternatively pop in with your enquiry and speak with our experienced team Michelle, Shannon, Lauren.

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