Drop a dress size, fat loss, losing weight, slimming we have over time searched all of them looking for that equation that works for us. As a nation we have become rather more obese and as the world organisation tells us we are also becoming morbidly obese.

Here at Mrs Oorloff Clinic we have witnessed many clients struggling to fit into that dress, pair of jeans or lose the pregnancy weight gain. I am also pleased to report that with a few tweaks here and there many dreams have come true and we often have clients sending their photos of their wedding day or new found confidence to wear their bikini!

It is important to be healthy for longevity and good quality of life, but do we need to go to extreme slimming measures or is it about just making a few tweaks here and there and being happy with who we are?

Changing Shape

For many it is losing weight and for many many others it is the frustration of their body having changed shape over time (especially in our 40’s when our hormones begin to change a drop in testosterone leaving weight gain all too inevitable) which has left them with low esteem and low confidence. No matter how hard they try diet after diet and the endless gym trips they just can’t change those all important areas of muffin tops, loose skin, thighs meeting, bottoms dropping, over flowing tummy.

Slimming treatments

Mrs Oorloff Clinic slimming programme starts with a through consultation addressing dietary habits, exercise, and full explanation of the treatment and ensuring we can meet your expectations.

Lipolysis is a term used for releasing the build-up of waste including fat from your fat cells (adipocyte) we use Lipomassage a non-invasive relaxing treatment that has the ability to decrease your size. Studies have shown the activation of natural lipolysis increases between 70% – 103% after just 12 (35 minute) sessions to put that into perspective it is the equivalent to a 45 minute workout for 5 days a week for a duration of 4 months.

We advocate ‘clean living’ drinking plenty of water and ensuring you are doing some form of exercise. This is vital for the release of fat to be then used as energy expenditure.

  • How long does it last?

    A good question which is impossible to give a definitive answer to. The care and wellbeing of the human body is a life time commitment that one has to adapt to and change as our body changes. As young people we eat plenty without a care in the world whilst running around burning off excess. We get older, hormones begin to dwindle, and lives may become more sedentary we have to work harder at saying ‘no to cake’ and go on walks.

    Once the initial programme is completed it is important to include Lipomassage in your monthly routine it will continue to tackle the lumps and bumps that your diet and exercise can’t keep at bay, it will prolong the health of your tissues from head to toe ensuring you maintain your figure for many years to come.

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Considering surgery? Tummy Tuck, Tummy lift, Liposuction for thighs. Surgery is a good option for many, but for those that haven’t prepared their bodies it can lead to weeks of discomfort. Mrs Oorloff Clinic embraces your decision and works closely with you to prepare your tissues to an optimum state of health.

Find Out More

For a personalised consultation about our slimming treatments, please contact us or alternatively pop in with your enquiry and speak with our experienced team Michelle, Shannon, Lauren.

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