We live in a fast pace, celebrity driven world where just about everything is accessible on the Internet including all the secrets that claim to make us beautiful that are copied by our vulnerable teenagers looking for the best possible teenage skin care regime.

Shops scream out clear skin in 3 days, make-up has its own enduring way of captivating the imaginations of the teenagers to be all grown up.

Teenagers concerns are mainly to be accepted and even the slightest flaw can lead to isolation. Teenagers love coming to Mrs Oorloff Clinic for the friendly professional and no nonsense approach we have to teenage skin care. It is simplicity at its best, easy to understand and perfect to apply.

Our facials are not so much pampering as treating, as teenagers we have found they love to talk! Yeah its true when they come here it is their opportunity to be grown up talk about their day and be treated as an equal. The reassurance advice from the Therapists that what they feel is ok, the explanation of why they are experiencing breakouts and gaining an understanding that skin care just doesn’t revolve around make-up leaves our teenage clientele relaxed and confident.

Facials end to be more about a thorough steam clean. Mrs Oorloff Clinic is renowned for our extraction technique eliminating the blockages and preventing acne formation this technique can take up to 30 – 45 minutes alone resulting in a clear healthy complexion for teenage skin.

Working with Teenage skin

We converse with our teenage clientele talking about the whole picture of skin care from advice on foods encouraging to eat well i.e. plenty of fruit & vegetable Juice Plus CHS drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol, smoking and the reasons why in relation to the harmful effects and potential damage to their skin. Hormones play havoc in contributing to breakouts acne and how we can best prevent and care for our variety of skin conditions using Dermaquest Dermaclear.

We enjoy the company of our young clientele and helping them with their teenage skin care regime. The earlier they can appreciate how to look after their skin adapting regimes the more confident they will feel with themselves. Sometimes the clinic resembles a mini reunion with our once teenagers that are now beautiful women embarking on travels, university and careers. We are so immensely proud that they take time to pop in and say hi sharing with us all their latest news and stories.

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For a personalised consultation about teenage skin care, please contact us or alternatively pop in with your enquiry and speak with our experienced team Michelle, Shannon, Lauren

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